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Measure Lot Size with our Quick Aerial Lot Calculator

Use our online Quick Aerial Lot Calculator to remotely measure a client’s lawn size. You can accurately estimate the square footage of a complex area with a number of points. You simply enter the address of your customer and use the mouse to click the perimeter points of the area that you would like to measure. You can even measure separate areas (front yard, back yard, side yard) and add them to your total. Our tool also calculates the cost of the job based on your price per square foot. It only takes seconds to complete an estimate!

Save Time and Money

Our competitors charge $2000-$2500 per year to use similar online measuring tools. By choosing Landscaper Websites, you can save that much and even more. Our online measuring tool will also save you time and gas. You will be able to gather data for neighborhood specials, target market commercial clients, and provide your customers with exact pricing over the phone.

Version 2.0 is Ready

Quick Aerial Lot Calculator



Please contact us for a free demo at (866) YOU-2-WEB or send us a request here.

Customer Testimonial

"I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates online"

I wanted to send this message to let you know how valuable the quick aerial calculator is. When I started using it last year, I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates on line with the measuring tool. Living in Michigan, it’s hard to get out in January or February to do an estimate when there’s 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground; I was amazed at how accurate the measurements were. This tool has been so valuable in the sense of how much time and money (GAS), that it’s been able to save me. It’s also pretty cool when you are talking to a potential customer on the phone and you let them know that you are going to do an aerial estimate, they’re really impressed. There are a small percentage of properties that have been hard to measure due to excessive tree cover, but overall it’s been great!

Thanks Again,
Bill Flowers
Scream’n Green
Lawn Fertilization & Tree Care
Rochester Hills, MI

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